Lakeshore greens has a serene neighbourhood , located amongst the greens and complemented with a lakeside promenade. Next to Palava’s business district, sports centre and much more, this neighbourhood enjoys close proximity to all key city amenities. All this makes it India’s finest neighbourhood.

  • A thriving central business district

Two sectors, 100-acre land parcel and thousands of job opportunities just at a small walking distance! This is a luxury no neighbourhood in Palava would enjoy!

  • Palava’s centre for arts & culture

This centre is the gateway to art and culture, where dance/drama and music will be explored, taught, encouraged and nurtured. Since it is the jewel of the cultural presence in Palava, it has a highly scenic location on the lake. It has 3 components, namely

  • The School of music, dance and drama – It is an integral part of Palava which will be a seat of learning, workshops ,demonstrations and production of a variety of Indian and western performing art forms.
  • The children’s museum and the
  • Main venue which will have the theatre (1500 people), the art gallery, the restaurant and all the support facilities.
  • Palava’s sports centre

Spread over 7 acres including (details only if customer asks)

  • Multi sports  arena with sports like badminton, kabaddi, boxing rings, TT tables and a sitting of 3050
  • The indoor multipurpose sports block with squash courts badminton courts, chess, carom etc.
  • The outdoor tenniscourts,
  • Basketball courts
  • And the Olympic size swimming pool.
  • A football stadium with practice fields

The 400 m athletic track and the football field sit across the road and are a part of the sports centre accessible by an underpass. The athletic track will have its own stands, which will also house support facilities like the changing rooms/toilets etc.

  • 2 world-class schools

Including Shri Ram Universal School opening soon

  • Exciting lakefront plazas

Twice the size of Mumbai’s Girgaum Chowpatty

  • A 100-acre central park

Inspired by New York’s Central Park. Residences overlooking a 100-acre Central Park. A place where communities meet and the memories of family picnics and friends’ outings are refreshed. Palava, which is only setting highest standards of ‘Air Quality’ would get be even more benefitted from it

  • High Street – The 18thavenue runs through the heart of LSG and works as the pulse of this otherwise serene neighbourhood. A heaven for foodies and shoppers, the high street will provide ample options of varied restaurants and retail outlets that include fashion labels to suit every pocket.




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