The real estate market in India is growing and the positive trends seem to be most
prominent in the twin city of Kalyan and Dombivali located in the outskirts of Mumbai.
Coming under the Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation, it forms a part of the
Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).
In the past few years, the urban cities have already become saturated and crowded, not
to mention the soaring prices of real estate here. Now, people are turning their attention
to the suburbs for affordable living. Despite the tag of ‘suburbs’, they are already as
well-connected and developed as the heart of the city.
Among the many developers engaged in the construction of residential complexes,
Lodha Palava City is quite prominent, with the credit of being India’s first smart city, a
leader in the concept of affordable smart living. Located in Dombivali, the intelligent
features and amenities included in Palava have been attracting people ever since its
The reason for the growing interest in the Kalyan-Dombivali region is partly owing to its
developing infrastructure. The location is already connected through local trains, with
Kalyan Junction being one of the three major stations in the central line of the Mumbai
Suburban Railway network. In the near future, a 29 kilometer road network – Kalyan
Ring Road has also been planned. The Kalyan-Shilphata road, Agra road and National
Highway 4 connect Kalyan and Dombivali to other parts of Mumbai. With the Navi
Mumbai airport planned to be built hardly 35 kilometers from this region, expect a
steep appreciation in a few years. There are more projects in the pipeline. A metro line
extension from Navi Mumbai to Kalyan is one of the many exciting developments that
will dramatically improve connectivity here.
The industrial belt around Kalyan, Dombivali and Badalpur has been attracting people
seeking employment. With an increasing population in this region, the property value
ranging from INR 5230 to 6040 per square feet is still in the affordable range for the
middle income group.
One of the reasons why the Kalyan-Dombivali properties are still affordable is due to
the fact that infrastructure projects, while already in the development phase, have not
yet attained completion. Also, many people who reside here work in close vicinity of
Thane and Navi Mumbai as commute time to other parts is slightly higher. However,
this should not deter you from choosing this location for prospecting your dream home.
The Kalyan-Dombivali region is the home to businesses and organizations and a high
chance for growing job market. Connectivity is also improving by leaps and bounds
considering that new roads and metro lines can be expected within a decade.
This might be the best time to invest in a quality residential project like Palava
Lakeshore Greens, because there are predictions of at least 20 – 25 percent rise in

property prices in these areas in the next few years as development picks up greater
pace. There are some occasions where waiting and watching pays – but here, taking the
right decision at the right time will likely prove financially advantageous to you!

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