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Palava Investment

Palava Investment

Investment in Palava: The smart people’s choice

Become a smart investor by investing in Palava City – The 21st century smart city in India. Be one of the smartest home buyers this October with Lodha Group opening a new sector for investment purpose as well as for end use. Secure the future of your loved ones by buying a home for them with easy installments from bank. Mumbai being the financial capital of India generates a GDP of 6.16 of the entire GDP of the country. People flock to Mumbai for various work opportunities in sectors like finance, manufacturing, entertainment, service, IT and others. Mumbai being home for 13 million people, it becomes obvious to have a home in the financial capital. During the period of 2010 to 2014, the residential demand in Mumbai has increased to 8.3 lakh per annum which is the highest in the country as against 7 lakh units of Delhi NCR and other parts of the country. Palava is a private city being developed by Lodha Group in the Metropolitan Region of Mumbai. Palava has been offering affordable homes to middle class and also to investors. There are various sections of people who have brought flats in Palava city. Some of the people are: Mr. Mohit Kapoor and Ms. Sonali Kapoor – Have brought a larger 2 BHK in Palava City. Earlier they brought 1 BHK here but, as the prices appreciated in Palava they booked a 2 BHK flat in Palava. Mr. Rohit Vaidya – Rohit is working as a Senior Engineer in IT Company. Of late Rohit has been planning to invest in a home. Palava seemed to be the obvious option for him. Mr. Mohan Gokhale – Gokhale owns a medium scale enterprise in MMR. As an investor and entrepreneur, Gokhale choose to invest in Palava to secure the future of his loved ones. Mr. Harish Shah – Shah works for a global firm in Mumbai. Mr. Shah as advised his son to invest in palava early in life to reap its benefits in the later stages of his life. Ms. Sakshi Sharma – Parents of Ms. Sakshi has secured her future by invested in Palava so that she doesn’t have the burdent of renting a flat in Mumbai. Ayush Jain – He is the youngest home buyer in Palava. Ayush is just 1 years old but is the proud owner of a flat, thanks to his parents early investment in palava now he doesn’t have the burden to buy a flat in the later stages of life. Like this you can also secure the future of your loved ones by investing in Palava City.

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