//Infrastructure Projects: To Boost Property in Palava City
Commercial Timeline - Infrastructure Projects: To boost property in Palava City

Infrastructure Projects: To Boost Property in Palava City

Infrastructure Projects – When you plan to buy a flat in a particular area, what is the first thing that you consider? Well, for most people it is the infrastructure and development of the area. Development is important so that basic facilities are available easily on a daily basis. Having a school, hospital, and retail store are some basic needs for a project.

Infrastructural development is important for economic activity, sustainable growth, and transport. If the Infrastructure Projects projects of the city are great, it will also boost the rates of the flat in that particular area. There have been many changes in the infrastructural facilities of Mumbai and outskirts of Mumbai. This has benefited many people.

Lodha Palava city is a dream project by Lodha. The township is well equipped with all the facilities and modern amenities. It’s like a smart city experience. The rates of Palava by Lodha have increased due to so many infra projects around the city. With more such projects coming up, the demand for flats will surely see a surge with time. Lodha Palava city is being developed in three phases. So, people who invest in Palava will benefit in the long run. Lodha Palava is surely a great place to invest in.

Infra projects around Palava

Ghatkopar Ghansoli Link Road

Infrastructure Projects - Ghatkopar Ghansoli Link Road

MMRDA has started working on the Ghatkopar Ghansoli link road that will be the third bridge to connect Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. A sea link will be constructed between Ghansoli and Ghatkopar. The starting point of the bridge will be from the eastern express highway in Ghatkopar and it will end towards the Koparkhairane junction route all the way to Ghansoli. This is going to benefit the people of Palava city, as this route will be further extended to Palava city through Shilphata.

There will be an extension till the road, once the project gets completed. Currently, the work of the project has been started near Ghansoli in Navi Mumbai. The construction of lanes is over and it will be completed according to the given time.

The project will be a great project and it will benefit people staying in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and people who purchase a flat in Palava city by Lodha. This direct connectivity of roads will not only ease traffic on the eastern express highway but it will also benefit people who travel all the way to Mahape in Ghansoli. With this project, there will be a boost in the real estate rates of Palava as well.

Airoli Dombivali Tunnel Road

 Lodha Palava City Infrastructure Projects -Airoli-Dombivali Tunnel Project

MMRDA has planned Airoli Dombivali tunnel road that will directly connect to Palava city. It takes about an hour to reach Palava from Navi Mumbai. With the construction of this road tunnel, the travel time will reduce to half.

The tunnel will be constructed through Parsik hill that separates Airoli and Dombivali. This tunnel will be the longest tunnel road with a stretch of 1.7 KM. The total cost of Airoli-Dombivali tunnel road is projected at 944 crores. This will be a 6-lane tunnel road so it will also benefit people who travel by private transport.

The tunnel will definitely reduce the travel time for people staying in the harbor and central suburbs. It will directly connect to Palava city. Currently, people of central suburbs use the Mahape route to travel to Dombivali city. But, with the construction of this six-lane tunnel, traveling will become much easier.

The starting point of the road will be at Mulund Airoli Bridge. The road will connect through mangroves and pass over to Thane Belapur road. It will then connect the Trans harbor railway line through Parsik hill. This project will benefit people of Palava city by Lodha.

Monorail Project between Kharghar and Kalyan

Monorail Service Infrastructure Projects Lodha Palava City

There is an operational monorail from Chembur to Walada in Mumbai. The second phase of the monorail will be operational after some time. MMRDA has also planned a monorail project between Kharghar and Kalyan.

Infrastructure Projects – This will greatly benefit people who live in Palava as it will help to ease the distance till Navi Mumbai and also cut the travel time to half. The monorail will have two stations in Palava city.

One station will be at Casa Rio that is in phase one of the Palava city and the second station will be in the third phase of Palava that is being developed by Lodha. The monorail will be operational from Kharghar as it will pass through Taloja all the way to Shilphata and then to Palava. From Palava it will move towards Kalyan.

The monorail will be great in connecting the western corridor and it will affect the development of Palava to a great extent. It will boost public transport between Kalyan and Navi Mumbai to a good extent.

Expansion of Kalyan Shil Road

Monorail Service Infrastructure Projects Lodha Palava City

Expansion of the Kalyan Shil road will reduce the travel time to Palava city. There is a planning of a 6-lane extension of Kalyan Shil road. The proposed project will have a total stretch of 21kms. As Shilphata road is near Navi Mumbai, it will benefit the people of Navi Mumbai too. The expansion of this road is not only essential to ease the traffic around Kalyan Shil road but it is great for the overall development of Dombivali city.

 As Palava city is located in the heart of Dombivali, it will make commuting to this place simple. According to an estimate, more than 5 lakh people will come and stay at Palava in the next five to six years. The expansion of the road will also benefit people who would invest in Lodha Palava.

The Airport in Navi Mumbai

Infrastructure Projects - The Airport in Navi Mumbai

Hon’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation of Navi Mumbai airport. With the estimated cost of 16,700 crores, the work on this project has already been started. This will not only reduce the congested load of Mumbai airport but also benefit people of western suburbs. The first phase of the airport will be completed by 2019 and this will give a major boost to Palava city that is near Navi Mumbai. With so many Infrastructure Projects, Palava is a smart place to invest in. Book your dream home and make many memories with your family.