//Industrial and Commercial Hubs Near Palava City
Industrial and Commercial Hubs near Palava City

Industrial and Commercial Hubs Near Palava City

Industrial and Commercial Hubs – Spread over 4500 acres, Palava has already become the next smart city in Dombivali. It is the largest planned development and is touted to become the number one smart city in India.

As it’s located near Kalyan junction, commuting to Palava is not a problem. There are many infrastructural projects that are coming up around Palava, this will benefit lakhs of people who already stay at Palava city and those looking to invest in Palava too.

From work opportunities to a world-class education, from green lands to modern amenities, you can expect everything in one place that is Palava city by Lodha.

People often worry about employment and work opportunities before shifting to a new place. But, if there is a commercial and industrial hub near that place, then there are so many open employment opportunities. This works well for people who buy a flat near the township. Working and traveling both are simple, as you do not have to worry about added travel costs.

So, that always helps you save a lot of money too. Unemployment has become a major problem and there are lakhs of people who migrate because of jobs. New ventures and new business parks will open up lots of work opportunities.

When many companies open their offices and manufacturing units in a particular zone or place, it calls for a special economic zone or SEZ zone. If there are Special economic zones around townships or a smart city, it will benefit many people who stay there.

Like, if there a big manufacturing plant in SEZ zone, then it will create so many job opportunities for people staying around that zone. The job opportunities can be direct or indirect, but it boosts the development of the area and helps to save the travel time too.

SEZ zones around Lodha Palava city

Navi Mumbai

How People at Palava benefits from Expansion of Kalyan-Shil Road

Industrial and Commercial Hubs – Over the years, there has been vast development in Navi Mumbai commercially. Earlier there were very few commercial zones for industries and companies. But, with time the need for SEZ zones also increased.

Many SEZ zones in Navi Mumbai benefit the people staying in Kalyan and Palava too. Various MIDC areas like Mahape, Taloja, Rabale, Pawane have so many companies. There are also central business district areas in Airoli, Seawoods, Vashi, and Belapur.

There are various IT parks in Mahape like Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge center, Millennium Business Park, Reliance Life Science. Nelco, Tiger steel, and Escon elevators are also some companies that have their corporate offices in Mahape.

Apart from this, there are many other manufacturing units, which employ lakhs of people in Mahape, Navi Mumbai. The Mahape SEZ zone is spread across 100 acres of land so it is great for people who stay near Mahape and people who stay in Kalyan and Dombivali including Palava city.

Rabale is also one industrial zone that has many manufacturing units and big companies. There are many small-scale manufacturing units in Rabale too. Rabale has many steel, rubber, plastic and pipe units, so it provides employment to lakhs of people.

Talking about Airoli, it is one of the busiest commercial spaces of Navi Mumbai. Mind space Business and Technology Park in Airoli has so many IT companies, so there is a constant need for employees and you can get great openings for future. The reliable corporate hub in Airoli also has many companies and IT hubs.

IT companies like TCS, Wipro, Cape Gemini, L&T InfoTech have their offices in Airoli. There are many more small companies too in this commercial business hub. The connectivity to Airoli is great because of the eastern express highway. And, being near to Navi Mumbai, it will also benefit people who purchase a flat in Lodha Palava.

Pawane in Navi Mumbai also comes under the commercial areas of Mumbai. There are many pharmaceutical companies with their manufacturing units in this area. There are various offices too. Pawane is a commercial hub with few residential projects around.

Taloja is an industrial hub and it has so many manufacturing units of Mumbai. In fact, most mechanical manufacturing units of Mumbai are in Taloja. There are other small offices in the area as well, so you can expect vast employment opportunities. Taloja is the busiest commercial hub of Navi Mumbai.

Palava Central business district

Palava Central business district

Industrial and Commercial Hubs – The Lodha group is developing a central business district or CBD near Palava city. Spread across 100 acres of land, there will be many commercial hubs and companies in this area.

The 50 acres of land will be specially reserved by the IT hubs and other 50 acres of land will be reserved for other commercial companies. The central business district near Palava will create more than 5 lakh job opportunities within the next five to six years.

In fact, many companies have already agreed to open their offices in the central business district. HDFC bank has already bought a space in CBD. There are talks with many big IT companies like TCS and Wipro for setting up their offices in the central business district. The development of CBD will be a great boost to people who stay in Palava and those who are looking to invest in Palava city too.

The benefits to people of Palava

The benefits to people of Palava

All the SEZ and commercial hubs are in and around Navi Mumbai. Big companies have their offices in commercial hubs of Vashi. As Palava city is near Vashi, people can easily commute to these places by public transport such as train and bus or private transport like a car. The traveling distance to these hubs is just twenty minutes from the main area of Palava city.

There is a business and commercial hub in Dombivali too and that is around Palava. There will be no dearth of jobs for people who come and stay in Palava. With so many industrial and commercial hubs, buying a flat in Palava city is a smart option. With so many infra projects and business hubs around Palava, it will surely be a central commercial hub after a few years. Investment in a flat in Palava city will surely benefit people in the long run.