//How People at Palava Benefits from Expansion of Kalyan-Shil Road
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How People at Palava Benefits from Expansion of Kalyan-Shil Road

Palava city is a smart city that offers great amenities. The development around Palava has been good over the years, which has also increased the market value of the Palava city.

Lodha Palava is being developed in three different phases and each phase boasts of world-class facilities. There have been talks of many infrastructural developments around Palava city.

Some are in the initial stages like the Monorail between Kharghar and Kalyan. While work on projects like Airoli Dombivali tunnel road and Ghatkopar Ghansoli flyover has already started. MSRDC has planned another expansion of Kalyan Shil road that will boost the property rates of Palava too.

It will benefit Palava city                               

How People at Palava benefits from Expansion of Kalyan-Shil Road 1

The planning and expansion of 390 crore project that will stretch from Bhiwandi to Shilphata have already started. As Shilphata is near Navi Mumbai, it will ease the distance between Kalyan and Navi Mumbai to a good extent.

The proposed project is a six lane-widening plan with a stretch of 21km. This will save a lot of time on travel. In fact, once this project is completed it will cut the travel time to half.

The State Road Development Corporation of Maharashtra has estimated the distance, which is equivalent from Bandra reclamation to Goregaon that also links the end of MMR in Thane region and Raigad region. In an estimate, it was also calculated that more than 60,000 passenger car units are growing due to development and urbanization in the area.

There are so many families staying in Palava city by Lodha. And, with the completion of the second and third phase, there will be more families that will come and reside in City.

How People at Palava benefits from Expansion of Kalyan-Shil Road 2

This expansion of the road is not only necessary but also very important for the development of the area around Palava city. As more people are switching over to private transport, this expansion will also help to ease the traffic woes of the western region.

The existing route to the road is of two lanes so there is a lot of traffic in the area near Dombivali. When there will be an extension of the road to six lanes, it will be the closest road to Palava city.

According to an estimate, Palava city will house more than 5 lakh people in the next five years. So, expansion of this road will bring a respite to all the people who travel to Palava or Kalyan.

The expansion of this road will also ease the traffic situation of Navi Mumbai and Kalyan. Kalyan Shil Road is one of the main roads connecting the Mumbai-Pune Highway (NH 4) at Shil and also the Mumbai Nashik Highway (NH3) at Bhiwandi. This will also benefit the people of Bhiwandi when the project is completed. The expansion of the Kalyan Shil road will give a major boost to Palava city. Any infrastructural project is great for connectivity of the area. And, if the connectivity is great then the area gets a major boost in development. Palava city will benefit from all the roads and flyovers that will make commuting to faraway places an easy task now.