Hidden Treasures at Lodha Palava City

Lodha Group presents 5 Precious Jewels of Palava City.

1. The Crown Jewel – Sophistica

Sophistica is Palava’s most luxurious ready-to-move-in residences located right at the entrance of Palava City. It offers 2 BHK Optima and 2 BHK Ultima apartments. Lodha Sophistica enjoys direct access to premium city amenities and Kalyan Shil Road. Sophistica, being the crown jewel in Palava, has attracted the home seekers for the past five years. It has a very limited inventory and is expected to sell-off as soon as the booking opens.

The base rate for Lodha Sophistica 2 BHK Optima is Rs. 5697 psf and for 2 BHK Ultima, the base rate is Rs. 5598 psf.

2. Morgana

Morgana offers select river side 1 BHK and 2 BHK Optima residences displaying the serene view of green landscapes. Lodha Morgana is located close to multi-sports arena and is just five minutes walking distance from Nilje Station.

The base rate for Lodha Morgana 1 BHK is Rs. 5301 psf and for 2 BHK Optima, the base rate is Rs. 5373 psf.

3. Nautica

The third precious jewel in Palava City is ‘Nautica’. Lodha Nautica offers 2 BHK Ultima residences which are centrally located in the city enjoying easy access to school, sports facilities like multi-sports arena, sector club houses and cricket ground. Lodha Nautica enjoys proximity to retail centres.

The base rate for Lodha Nautica 2 BHK Ultima is Rs. 5148 psf.

4. Exotica

Lodha Exotica offers the largest, most premium 2 BHK Aura residences in Palava enjoying the breathtaking views of the beautiful landscaping and the river. Lodha Exotica offers the flexibility of customizing the extra MyRoom for you and your family. So whether it is extended living room or a third bedroom or kids play area, you have a choice to personalize it as per your requirements.

The base rate for Lodha Exotica is Rs. 6003 psf.

5. Viviana

Last but not the least, the fifth jewel of Palava is ‘Viviana’. It offers 1 BHK and 2 BHK Optima luxury apartments. Lodha Viviana is situated amidst nature, enjoying green views from all the sides. These residences are located close to Pawar Public School.

The base rate for Lodha Viciana 1 BHK is Rs. 5301 psf and for 2 BHK Optima, the base rate is Rs. 5373 psf.

For more information on the launch of Lodha Hidden Treasures and its Crown Jewels, visit – www.lodha-palava.com or give us a missed call on 08030636280.

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