Be it a new venture or a challenging time or good news, it is only natural that people

think of God during such times. Religion plays an important role for us to build trust

and belief towards a powerful force above us and beyond our understanding.

Different people follow different religions and have their own set of religious values

that are important to them.

At Palava city, efforts are being taken to make sure that people do not have to leave

the premises in their effort to pray or visit a temple. Keeping this in mind, a Ganesha

temple was constructed and today is a popular destination for hundreds of devotees

who not only see it as a place of worship but also as a tastefully built architectural


With the successful installation of Ganesha temple, the management has already

realized the need for more religious sites within Palava City. There are already plans

in place to build a few more temples, including a Jain temple and a Gurudwara.

In Palava, there has always been the need for people to find easy access to any place

without any hassles. People of Jain and Sikh community might find it a cumbersome

task to drive out of Palava City for a few kilometers to visit a temple or Gurudwara.

At Palava City, it will be possible for people of all religions to find their places of

worship within the city and possibly at a walkable distance from their homes. There

are already plans to construct a Jain temple and a Gurudwara. Keeping in mind the

need for catering to the needs of people of other religions as well, other shrines are

also planned for completion in the near future.

Apart from the fact that the presence of temples, Gurudwara, and shrines will

benefit people of different religions, Palava will be a shining example of unity in

diversity and harmony.


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  1. We invested in your phase 2 projects lot of Christian families are invested can you suggest the management to build a church for us to worship it will be great help and if you go ahead lot more will come to Palava .

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