300 booking

Demonetization has been like a surge of wave sweeping across the country and affecting the lives and finances of thousands. Since its announcement, people are cash-strapped, using their money wisely and frugally. This also means that nobody is interested in investing in anything that is not hundred percent trustworthy or fruitful.

With the real estate industry getting hit in a similar manner, one can find people shying away from investing in their dream home because of all the confusion and uncertainty hanging in the air.

However, in Palava City, business has been very much as usual. Even after the announcement of demonetization and the cash situation in the past two months, Palava City has had 200 bookings.

Why would people invest here in Palava at a time like this unless they had the utmost trust in our brand?

Why would people feel motivated to book an apartment here unless Palava City has something unique and exciting to offer like none other?

We are thankful to all our customers who place very high hopes on us and expect nothing short of the very best from us! Our intention is to hold on to our reputation and take up our mission very seriously. No compromises, no shortcuts – only the best, for the best!

The demonetization move has been like a test of fire. Only builders who deal consistently in fair transactions can remain in business at a time like this. Only the best among the best can emerge victorious in a challenging environment such as the current scenario. The fact that people have continued booking their dream homes in Palava City even in the tough times is the best testimony to our integrity and abilities. To all those people and other prospective buyers, we have only one thing to say – invest in Palava City and prepare for a transformation in your lives.


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