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Four Clusters Palava City

Four Clusters Palava City



Palava City is located in Dombivali on Kalyan Shil road. The city is spread across 4000 acres and will be completed in 3 phases. Phase 1 is spread across 250 acres of land, Phase 2 is spread across 700 acres and Phase 3 is spread across 3200 acres of land. The city is designed is such a manner that each phase is has its own magnitude and importance. City is being developed in a systematic manner so that the current residents are not disturbed in the making of the city.

Phase 1 has four clusters in it. Cluster is a group of building together. The four clusters is phase one are Casa Bella, Casa Bella Gold, Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold. Casa Bella was launched in March, 2009 and set the beginning story of Palava City. Casa Bella is spread across 50 acres of land and houses 2000 families. There are total 48 buildings each in Casa Bella and Casa Bella Gold. Apart from this there is Golf links in Casa Bella Gold. Golf links are a Villa apartments and a total of 28 villas are make along Golf Course in Casa Bella Gold. Possession for Casa Bella was given on June 2012 whereas part of Casa Bella Gold was given possession on July 2013.

Casa Rio was launched in March 2010 and Casa Rio Gold was launched in October, 2011 by Lodha Group. Casa Rio saw a total of 400 booking in a span of 1 month and Casa Rio Gold saw a total of 150 bookings in a span of 1 months. Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold are the biggest cluster in Palava City spread across 150 acres of land. There are a total of 150 buildings in these clusters. Casa Rio Gold offers a fantastic view of the Ulhas river.  Now Lodha Group has started giving possession to Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold from April, 2014.

All the amenities promised for the first phase has been completed by Lodha Group. Moreover many facilities have been also started by the group. Club Casa Bella is operational from October, 2012. Lodha World School is started in June, 2013. Golf Course was started in July, 2013. Club Casa Bella Gold was started in October, 2012. Lodha Easy Lease was started in April, 2012 and Eco Drive Buses was started on February, 2013. In the same manner all facilities and amenities for Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold will be started in the coming months as and when residents occupy their homes.

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