With the festival of lights and celebration, comes a festivals of sale and opportunistic buying. And this time the realty providers have set the right foot forward and brought smiles on the faces of all the potential customers by rolling out the opportunities at this time of bonuses and joy.

Buying a home at Lodha Palava, the destined smart city, is in full swing with the developers rolling out spectacular offers which include home booking at only 5% of the total amount as down payment. This has made it possible to bring smiles on the faces of the family for a city resident ready to make the switch but not very positive on the economic outlook for near term.

A well planned facility, with all the basic requirements of living taken care of, booking homes is now easy and fast and the right time has arrived to maximize the benefits on offer this Diwali. With prices starting as low as 39 lakhs, the thirst of all home seekers is bound to be satiated when prices elsewhere in the city have skyrocketed due to the joyous sentiments.

What’s more? As a goodwill gesture, Lodha is rewarding every customer assured gifts and gold surprises. A smart buy in these conditions, the future of this facility looks promising with it being governed and planned in a superior well structured manner and a plethora of additional amenities and opportunities already finding its way into the smart living of existing owners.

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