//Festival Celebrations at Lodha Palava City
Festival Celebrations at Lodha Palava City

Festival Celebrations at Lodha Palava City

India is a culturally rich country with so many festivals. Each festival is celebrated with the same vigor and positivity. In fact, most people look ahead to Festival Celebration with much fanfare.

From Holi, Navratri to Diwali and Christmas, there are so many wonderful festivals. Festival celebration brings a good vibe and you get to spend a good time with your loved ones.

In this stressful life, Festival Celebration has taken a backseat. But, Lodha Palava city will reignite that festival spirit in you. Lodha Palava city is a smart city with modern amenities. So many happy families are part of Palava city today. With Lodha Palava City Codename Prime Square project, more people will invest in Palava.

So what makes this place so different? It’s the way all the festivals are celebrated. You can take part in fun festivities and have a great time. Lodha Palava makes sure you enjoy every festival with a big smile on your face.

Give in to the Diwali spirit

Palava festive season - Diwali the best time to book home at Palava City

Diwali is all about brightness and glitterati. Lodha Palava city organizes Diwali in a grand scale every year. The management of Palava organizes Diwali with Dhol Tasha. You can dance your heart out with this awesome program. Lantern making contest is organized for people who are creative.

There is a lantern-making workshop too so you can have fun learning. There is a Rangoli making competition that lets you display your skills. Lodha Palava city organizes a Diwali party for residents of Palava. You will have an enthralling experience celebrating Diwali at Lodha Palava city.

Another amazing thing is the lighting and decoration. Lodha Palava city is decorated with lights during Diwali. People put up similar lanterns to dwell in the spirit of unity. With sparkling lights and amazing vibe, you will surely feel awesome.

Celebration of Navratri

Lodha management organizes Durga Puja for people of Palava city. Navratri is actually a time when you can celebrate with all your friends and family. Garba event is so much fun that you will surely be enthralled. These kinds of festivities help you to stay away from stress.

If you go and play Garba with your friends during Navratri that would be a stress buster for you. A celebration of Navratri in Lodha Palava city is different and you will surely enjoy it. Play along with your loved ones to have the time of your life. Lodha Palava gives you that vibe to cherish.

Ganpati festival

What is synonymous with Mumbai spirit? Definitely, the Ganesh Utsav that is celebrated with divinity and love. People of Mumbai love to celebrate Ganesh festival every year. From Pandal hopping to visiting famous Ganpatis, people have a good time.

What if you get the same kind of vibe in Palava city by Lodha. Lodha Palava city celebrates Ganesh Utsav with the same kind of spirit. Palava city organizes eco-friendly Ganpati workshops for citizens of Palava. You can make your own Ganesh murti and do puja. Isn’t this so much fun?

Lodha Palava city organizes eco-friendly Ganpati workshop in the interest of global warming. Most people prefer eco-friendly Ganpati idols. The festival is celebrated with the same vibe as Mumbai city. There are cultural programs and events during this time.

You can have some amazing time with your family during the Ganesh festival in Palava. Take part in Ganesh Utsav celebrations by buying a flat in Lodha Palava City Codename Prime Square. It’s a special feeling to enjoy festivals staying at your dream home. Palava city by Lodha gives you that opportunity.

Palava Tarang festival

Palava Prime Square - A City That is Always Buzzing With Excitement

Lodha Palava Dombivali organizes its own festival called Tarang each year. It’s a festival with lots of fun and cultural events. People staying in Palava actively participate in the festival. Tarang has now become the most cherished festival of Lodha Palava. There are musical concerts and celeb performances at the festival. You can simply groove to the music and enjoy.

Tarang is one festival that lets you be yourself. If you like dancing or singing, you can take part in Tarang by Lodha Palava. Buying a flat in Lodha Palava City Codename Prime Square can surely be a great experience for you.

Then there is Palava carnival that is organized by Lodha management. Carnival is common in Brazil but Lodha lets you experience the same at Palava. The spirit of carnival is also different. Buzzing with excitement and loud music it will surely make you forget your stress. Lodha always aims to do things in a different way.

By being a resident of Palava city, you can also experience the sheer magic of the carnival. There are very few places in Mumbai where you can actually enjoy. Carnival and festival by Lodha is a welcome change for people of Lodha. Come be a part of Palava city to have an amazing time.

Indulge in Christmas fun

Palava Prime Square - Festival Celebrations at Lodha Palava City

If you stay in Lodha Palava, you will never miss any Festival Celebration. Residents of Palava city celebrate Christmas with equal fanfare. They light up a big Christmas tree with all the decorations. In fact, the management of Palava city organizes Christmas tree decoration event. As a citizen of Palava, you can also participate in this event and show your creative side.

Every year children of Palava receive special gifts from Santa. It’s truly an amazing experience celebrating in the same spirit. Christmas is so much fun if you are a resident of Lodha Palava City Codename Prime Square.

Indian festivals light up any mood. There is so much to do and have fun along the way. Celebration with your family and friends also becomes special with a good vibe. Lodha Palava gives you that festive vibe so you can totally enjoy. The best part about Palava is its year-round workshops.

There is not a single moment when you would get bored. You can indulge in any hobby you like with creativity. Lodha Palava City Codename Prime Square is offering you best deals in flats. On booking, you can also avail added discounts. Celebrate the festive vibe with Lodha Palava city.