//Events Organized By Palava City Management Association
Events Organized By Palava City Management Association

Events Organized By Palava City Management Association

Events Organized By Palava CityPalava city by Lodha is a planned smart city with all basic facilities and amenities. In fact, Palava city has become the number one smart city in India due to its planned infrastructure. Palava city by Lodha is being developed in three different phases. Phase one is complete and more than 30,000 families are happily residing in the township of phase one.

Phase two will get completed by the end of the year 2018 or early 2019. The third phase will be completed by the year 2025. Lodha Palava is the best place to stay if you are looking for open spaces.

Palava city is one of a kind and it has its own city management association. Lodha group has created the Palava City Management Association (PCMA) that will work for the benefit of residents of Palava city. The management system will not only address all the civic issues within the Palava city but also aim to solve those issues.

The management system will work with the residents of Palava city so there will be complete transparency in the system. Palava city management system is also active in organizing various cultural and art-activity programs for residents of Palava city. In fact, it has already hosted many cultural and other sports activities in Palava.

Events by PCMA

Palava City Management Association (PCMA)

The management association in collaboration with the residents of the Events Organized By Palava City a football tournament in the sports complex within the city. It was in association with India on track (IOT). It was an inter-academy football tournament and about 150 children had participated in the tournament. Apart from this football tournament league is also organized for all the football fanatics. Many such football tournaments are organized in the football arena of Palava city.

Do you have a keen interest in aeromodelling? Well, PCMA organized a great aeromodelling workshop for the residents of Palava city. People who had an interest in the formation and science actively participated in this workshop. The workshop gave them hands-on experience in different miniature planes and other aeromodelling models. It also gave the residents of Palava basic idea of the aerodynamics. This workshop was helpful to people who wanted to know about aerodynamics.

Apart from this, a mind coaching session was organized for the residents of Palava. A mind coaching session is very important in today’s stressful life. With mind coaching workshops and sessions, you can get peace of mind. If you are stress-free in life, then it will also affect your way of living and well productivity at your work. A mind coaching session is not restricted to stress. The mind coaching session is also important for people to find their true potential or their true calling in life.

Psychologist Dr. Lingappa S. Yuvaraj who spoke about stress management in today’s time organized the session. This was truly beneficial for the people of Palava city. Further, a golf mind coaching session was also organized by PCMA. This session was organized to help all the golfers to play to their full potential. This also helped people who wanted to know about mind coaching.

Yoga has the power to transform you physically and mentally. Regular practice of yoga can keep you healthy and fit. It’s great to practice yoga for about half an hour on a daily basis. PCMA also gave a huge boost to yoga for the residents of Palava city.

Every year on international yoga day in June, yoga workshops are held within Palava city. This is not restricted to a single day, week-long celebrations of yoga day are held in Palava city for the benefit of people. Yoga is the way of life so this is a great initiative by the Palava association.

Events Organized By Palava City Management Association - Residences

Blockbuster Palava Tarang festival is held in Palava every year. This art and cultural festivals are great for people who want to showcase their talent. It is a great platform to bring people together and increase harmony.  The festival provides an opportunity for all the budding artists and singers.

Renowned artists like Indian Ocean band, Niladri Kumar, and Haroon Rab have already been a part of this cultural fest and have enchanted the people of Palava with their singing prowess. The cultural fest also encourages art and storytelling, so this is actually great for children who take a keen interest in arts.

Ganesh Utsav celebrations have been an integral part of Mumbai. Palava city celebrates the spirit of Ganesh Utsav by organizing eco-friendly Ganpati workshops every year. This encourages people to opt for eco-friendly Ganpati at their residence on the occasion of Ganesh Utsav. This is great for the environment too.

Apart from this, there are celebrations at each festival. There is Durga Puja festivity during Navratri that enthralls the people of Palava. Diwali is celebrated with the Dhol Tasha beats and that lifts up the whole atmosphere in Palava city. In fact, there is also a Diwali party and people dance to the tunes on Dhol during that time. There is also a Rangoli competition organized by Palava city that gives people a chance to display their talent and skill. There are Onam celebrations too in Palava city.

The joy of giving and Christmas is celebrated with equal fanfare. Christmas tree decoration was also Events Organized By Palava City during Christmas time. Children and old people were called to decorate the tree. Children even received surprise gifts from Santa. With so much cheer around, Palava city is indeed the place to stay if you want to lead a stress-free life.

A golf monsoon tournament is held in August. Palava corporate challenges organized every year for people staying at Palava city. There is never a dull moment if you stay in Palava city. PCMA organizes such events every year. In fact, the association is planning to make it bigger and better each year. A new cultural center is planned in the second phase of Palava. This will surely benefit the people of Palava city. Book a flat today to be a part of such a great place called Palava city!