Mother &  Daughter relation is most sure relationship & to mark the women day , Palava recently concluded the casa carnival & its main theme was dedicated to the women. The casa carnival is much in the line of carnival from Brazil. The motto of this carnival was to bring all of the Palava together to celebrate the togetherness & also to celebrate the life.

The event was inaugurated by the senior citizen to seek their blessing & to show how the things are done. The cultural collaboration is a unique way to bring all the families together to celebrate togetherness. The event was marked by the performances of children & kids. Flash mob was also one event that took Palava by surprise. Palava residents show how to shake the leg.

One of the most important events was Mom Daughter fashion show to add the glamor quotient. The duo of mom daughter rocked the scenario with their charm & energy . After seeing the success of this event. It is expected that more and more events will be witnessed in the Palava city.


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