Lodha Palava cuts some slack                                  

         With the inflation in real estate price in Mumbai, people are finding it difficult to cope up with the exorbitant price. Middle class families who are looking to settle are not able to match the price in any part of Mumbai. The reason Mumbai being so much in demand is primarily because of the connectivity and the existence of commercial hubs.

As we talk about it, recently a lot of development has been witnessed in terms of connectivity, emerging railway routes, new international airport, new roadways being planned, new trains introduced in Thane, Dombivali and Kalyan area. “Smart Cities Mission” an initiative by the Indian government has also approved Smart city projects in these areas. Largest developers in the country have flagged their presence as Lodha has launched their smart city “Palava”. Lodha Palava will pretty suffice for everything aperson would require.

Smart city is basically a developed city area that creates sustainable economic development and a high quality of life. Assured water and power supply, proper sanitation, waste management systems, efficient urban mobility, public transportation, IT connectivity, commercial hubs, e-governance, etc. are some of the highlights of a smart city. Lodha Palava is equipped with these and many more features.

Certainly these areas are showing speedy progress and are booming in the real estate sector. Prices at these areas comparatively less and feasible even for luxurious apartments and amenities which are beyond imagination. Indeed the prices will shoot up as the aforementioned projects are in progress. As the festive season is upon it is indeed the ideal and auspicious time to invest in a property. Palava city has mouthwatering offers for this festive season and already over 20,000 families living smartly here.

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