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Decongesting Mumbai - Lodha Palava City

Decongesting Mumbai

Decongesting Mumbai – Mumbai is known as the city of dreams. So many people migrate to Mumbai for jobs and employment opportunities. Mumbai has a cosmopolitan culture, so it openly welcomes people from various cultures. Over the years, the population of Mumbai has increased rapidly. This has affected the infrastructure and development to a large extent.

Redevelopment projects have also caused space constraints in Mumbai due to which many people are now finding better places to stay around the city. Because of the increased population, there are very few open spaces that are left in Mumbai. There are a very few open grounds left too.

The condition of Mumbai has worsened over the years with massive housing development and industrial regrowth. Congested roads and poor infrastructural facilities have only made things worse. The main problem of congestion is open spaces. Every old building is being redeveloped in Mumbai; this is affecting the space of Mumbai. It is time to switch to places where there is more breathing space. There should be proper planning in terms of infrastructure and overall development in Mumbai.

It is important to stay in a place where you can get breathing space. A space that provides you with an environment that will keep you healthy. Or, a place that lets you lead a stress-free life.

Such kinds of places are not there in Mumbai anymore. The real estate prices have increased over the years and this has contributed to a major factor of congestion in Mumbai. Most people are forced to stay in small houses because of a surge in prices. Well, Navi Mumbai is still better in terms of space and population.

Delay in infra projects

Delay in infra projects - Lodha Palava City

Decongesting Mumbai – Since so many people migrate to Mumbai, the infra projects are delayed. So many projects are still in the planning phase. In fact, the projects that are already completed also extend the deadline. Like, the Metro project was delayed by almost 4 years.

The Chembur Santa Cruz link road project was delayed by 5 years. The monorail project was delayed by almost one to two years. The delay in projects is a major problem of Mumbai, and people of Mumbai have no choice but to suffer because of this. Commuting becomes a problem on a daily basis because of overburden in public transport.

Many people from Mumbai are shifting to Thane and Navi Mumbai because of space. There is a requirement of more smart cities to decongest the spaces of Mumbai. Palava city by Lodha is one such smart city that not only boasts of all the modern amenities but also lots of green space. Lodha Palava has landscaped gardens, open spaces, sports facilities so that you can live a life you always dreamt of.

Lodha Palava city is the smart choice to invest in. The project is being developed in three phases and it will give a great boost to the western corridor of Mumbai.

How Palava city will help to decongest Mumbai

Decongesting Mumbai – Lodha group is rightly contributing to the decongestion problem of Mumbai. Palava city is a smart city that is being developed by Lodha with all the facilities and amenities.

It has open spaces and many green areas to provide a stress-free lifestyle for the people staying in the smart city. Developed on the outskirts of Mumbai, Palava will be a satellite city of Mumbai with all the major facilities. With great technology and big commercial place, it is touted as the number one futuristic smart city of India. Palava city is being developed in three different phases.

The first phase of Palava has already been developed and lakhs of happy families are residing in the smart city. Casa Bella Gold, Casa Bella, Casa Rio, and Casa Rio Gold are townships that are already developed in the first phase. The townships are well equipped with all the modern features and amenities. The area around Lodha city is well developed with schools, retails and healthcare facilities.

Lodha Palava School

 People staying in the city do not have to travel far away for basic facilities as everything is available in the township itself. Many infra projects are coming up around Lodha, which will only add to the value of the township.

The work on the second phase of development of Palava city has already started. In fact, the distance between both the phases is just a mere four kms. The second phase of Lodha Palava is being developed on the Amaranth pipeline road. The second phase of Palava is spread across a massive 650 acres of land.

100 acres of land has been specifically allotted to open spaces. The 100 acres of land will have a central park, where you can spend some great time with your family. It will also have a lakefront plaza and high street retail shopping.

This kind of township is first in India so you can expect nothing but the best from Palava city. The development of the second phase is in full swing and it will be completed soon.

After the success of the first phase and the second phase, Lodha has also planned a third phase of the township with all the modern facilities and amenities. The third phase will be spread across 2500 acres of land. By the end of the year 2025, all three phases of Palava will be developed making it number one smart city of India.

Having such a huge township around Decongesting Mumbai will surely benefit the people of Mumbai too. It will help to decongest and fulfill the need of having open spaces. As most people want to stay in open spaces today, Palava is the right choice for them. According to an estimate, more than 5 lakh people will stay in Palava by 2025. Congestion is the biggest problem of Mumbai today. And, with this simple solution to decongest, it will greatly boost the development of other smart cities on the outskirts of Mumbai. If it is your dream to stay at a place where there are open spaces and green lands, then Lodha Palava is the right choice for you. Invest in Palava today for a great future tomorrow.