Palava city has an international level cricket stadium. Cricket is considered a most followed sports in India & the craze for the same is astonishing.  Palava city provides a unique opportunity to fulfill your dream of playing cricket in international standard grounds. Recently there was a cricketing tournament in this mega city which received a huge appreciation from the city. The tournament was played between 23 teams & the matches were viewed by hundreds of people.


The tournament was a fantastic affair as far as turnaround was considered. A number of peoples were seen enjoying the game with energy & passion. Matches were very close indeed but more than a sport it was way to coming together & celebrate life in Palava.  A sporting event like this is an opportunity to leave stress out & start with a fresh note. Sport is an important aspect of any human being it helps them to stay fit & connect more with themselves. The strength is tested along with these most important feature is to have fun. If people are having fun they will be happier & will enjoy a lot. A cricket tournament was one such affair for the residents of Palava.

This is just starting with times to come, these types of the tournament will be much more big & and grand. Now is thecricket time for Palava residents to don a sporting shoe & play the gentlemen games.


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