//Commercial Timeline at Lodha Palava
Commercial Timeline at Lodha Palava

Commercial Timeline at Lodha Palava

Commercial Timeline at Lodha Palava – If you are in a hurry to buy a flat or have any plans in the future to cater to, Lodha Palava has it all. Dreaming of living in the most desirable location around Mumbai? Well, you right on.

When it comes to handing over the flats to the buyers, Lodha Palava tries hard to do it as soon as possible with every possible facility intact in the new flat. By the time your loan is sanctioned of money arrangements are done, we are ready with your new dream house how?

Palava city is divided into two phases:

Commercial Timeline - Infrastructure Projects: To boost property in Palava City

Phase one includes Casa Bella, CasaBella Gold, CasaRio & Rio Gold with ready to move apartment. In fact, Lodha Palava proudly claims that 12000 homes have already been taken and successfully handed over to happy customers.

Phase two of Lodha Palava includes Lakeshore Greens which is under construction but almost ready to move in. There are 11 clusters in Phase two and there are around 100 towers in all the clusters together. Lakeshore greens in on the priority which is sector 3 and is being developed rapidly.

Each cluster will have its own private garden & clubhouse. The units offered in lakeshore greens are 1 BHK, 2 BHK Optima, 2 BHK Ultima & 3 BHK. Apart from this Jodi flats are also available in selected buildings.

And if you plan to buy your dream house now, additional discounts are being given towards the year-end, prices of which are as follows:

Flats Price Additional Savings Special Offer Price You only need
to pay – 5%*
1 BHK with sundeck Rs. 46.98 Lacs Rs. 1.08 Lacs Rs. 45.90 Lacs       Rs. 2.7 Lacs
2 BHK Optima with sundeck Rs. 61.11 Lacs Rs. 1.26 Lacs Rs. 59.85 Lacs        Rs. 3.4 Lacs
2 BHK Ultima with sundeck Rs. 70.20 Lacs Rs. 1.44 Lacs Rs. 68.76 Lacs       Rs. 3.9 Lacs
3 BHK with sundeck Rs. 82.62 Lacs Rs. 1.71 Lacs Rs. 80.91 Lacs       Rs. 4.5 Lacs

Well, this is the great deal to bid for the prospective buyers to make. However, talking about the commercial timeline of Lodha Palava, Lodha has a range of flats which are ready to move in and many are under construction. So, you can choose from range of residences in Lodha Palava city.

How to decide which property to buy?

Commercial Timeline at Lodha Palava

Commercial Timeline – If you are an investor, it is better to invest in an under-construction property. As currently the capital value of the property is lowest and is bound to only rise in the future. Besides, there is always a huge scope of choosing your property’s configuration- floors, size, terrace, interiors, etc.

On the other hand, if you are looking for end usage then you can go for both ready to move or under-construction property. In ready to move you get what you see. Since, the property, its interiors & maintenance are visible. So it’s easier to decide whether to buy or not. Also, in Phase one, you can get an occupancy certificate received apartments. The prices are reasonable and comparatively lower than the ready to move in flats so if you plan on buying a property it is highly advised to go for under-construction property. However, in ready to move apartments, the buyers do not need to pay service tax and vat, so compare the prices before buying any kind of property.