Lodha Group created a smart city, Palava, equipped with features that other cities in the
country can dream of only in the future. If you’re considering owning our dream home
in Palava, here is the good news – Lodha Group’s has launched its newest luxury
housing, Codename Riverside.
What is unique about Codename Riverside and why is the perfect for your need? As the
name goes, the apartments are located right on the riverfront and surrounded by lush
greenery everywhere. If that isn’t reason enough, consider the flexible options of 1, 2
and 3 bedroom homes offered here.
Depending on your budget and need, you can opt for a compact, cozy home or a large,
spacious one. Irrespective of which you choose, one thing is always guaranteed – luxury.
In fact, what you get to enjoy here is luxury inside and scenic beauty outside.
Intelligent designs, air-conditioned rooms, beautiful Marbital flooring and garden or
tree-lined street view for every apartment – That is what we call defining luxury! Not
surprisingly, you’ll find how much attention and admiration you garner from all
visitors! After all, this smart city offers comforts, security, features and scenery hard to
find anywhere else in even the most posh localities in Mumbai.
If you are going to invest in your first ever house, imagine the sheer joy of living in an
apartment surrounded by trees and open space all around. Apart from the aesthetic
beauty, you’re also offering your family a priceless gift – the gift of good air and healthy
living. The best part is how such a huge bonus is packed easily with terrific interiors.
Added to it are the many amenities including a mammoth grand park, clubhouse, kids’
play area and shopping malls, all in close vicinity. Here in Palava, you’ll get used to
walking everywhere you want instead of having to pull out your vehicle each time.
Across the world, residences surrounded by greenery and open space usually show
higher appreciation and growth than those in crowded spaces. So, rest assured, your
apartment’s value will grow even as you enjoy life here.
The competitive price of the apartment here and the all-time lowest EMI rates offered
by banks are reasons enough to invest in a location that grows only in one direction –
up. Invest here and you’ll enjoy lasting satisfaction and joy in a place so beautiful and
well-planned that your lifestyle changes for the positive.

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