One of the most important feature is the fact that Codename ‘Epic’ is conveniently placed to all major Public spaces which adds to the jazziness and vibrancy to the neighbourhood.

Let your child’s imagination and creativity soar sky-high at Palava’s Cultural District which houses a Centre for Art and Culture ,( it isn’t a pea sized centre, its huge almost the size of Mumbai’s NCPA ) children’s museum , community Halls etc. let you children be at their rawest-most creative self here.

The Lake which on an estimate is twice the size of  Mumbai’s Girgaum Chawpatty adds to nature glamour.  Lodha Palava brings for those shopaholics a High street store and 24 hrs entertainment all along the 18th Avenue, which is the Central Avenue- the spine of the city. A sprawling Central Park close to 100acres acts as the green Lungs for the city, the lustrous green grass is no less than a pleasant sight to your eyes, which is used to the everyday concrete forest of the city.


For our feisty youngsters we have a world class university spreading over 100 acres of land parcel. The clubhouse it is fun of its own. Starting from high-tech gyms to sassy Party halls to relaxing spas, its all sorted for you. World class amenities for world class Project and its inhabitants.

A well equipped sports complex spreading over 25 acres and also includes a multi-sports stadium gives an edge and reason to work out for all those sports lovers out there.

These top graded amenities are tailored out for our occupants to fit their comfort. Come live in style.


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