Affordable, yet ritzy, Lodha Palava brings to you Codename “Epic” right here in the Middle of the city of dream,the perks of it is that it is among the country’s most well planned and a Smart City.  Epic by Lodha Palava gives you 60% of dedicated Open Spaces, so it’s a guaranteed no clutter and crowded place. And over 25% has been set aside for your children to play in park and recreational grounds.

Smart Feature #1- Connectivity

Redefining connectivity Codename “epic” is easily accessible 3-way , one may chose his pick while going home. It is get-at-able from the 18th Avenue- the Central Avenue of Palava. The central Avenue on the other hand can be accessed from the Dombivali-Badlapur Highway and also the Taloja Road. Another way of going home is from the Downtown neighbouhood via the Art and culture centre through the Taloja Road and the third way is directly from the Taloja road.

Smart Feature #2- Breathe Fresh

Codename epic has taken meticulous efforts to maintain least appreciable ground changes and keeping in mind the factor of keeping their customers as close to nature as possible. It is not news that the city has 60% of open space to let you live fresh and healthy amidst the city’s bustle. It has been made to match the inventive standards of cutting edge technology and intelligent city management system.

Smart Feature #3- Walk to Everything

The principle of “walk to everything” only adds to the sway. No home in Epic is more than 10 mins walk to any social junctures namely-Sector Clubhouse, a world-class school, the vibrant 18th avenue and its high street shops, the 100- acre Central Park or the river Swale. The most labour saving aspect is that Lodha follows New York’s Gridiron Structure which enables orderly growth for many generation to come.

Looking back at these Smart features, one can see in mind’s eye an image of perfection, relaxation and living life to fullest.

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