Any institution can run successfully with proper management and maintenance. And being a residential area on such a large scale, the designers of Palava decided it was better to have a separate board to look over its management and maintenance- Palava City Management Association. (PCMA) PCMA is a private entity dedicated solely to managing and maintaining every single aspect of the Smart City.

Codename Epic encompasses the most talked about, River Swale, a waterbody being managed completely by PCMA. The river would pass across the residences of the sector, have promenades, a height of 2 feet, pebbled waterbed and fresh water every season. PCMA manages the amenities of Palava city to make it an organized place, more sustainable, environment friendly and also ideate to reduce dependency on external resources. With participative Citizenship, Palava is becoming the ideal township making its’ citizens a part of their governance.


To increase the interaction with its citizens and promote good environment and ethics amongst its residents, PCMA has made plans to take initiatives for building a community enriched with Cultural and Sports creativity, where everyone can nurture their interest and mingle with the other cultures. E-governance and Online portals for queries/complaints will make work easier for both the PCMA and the residents.

Hence, it is no more club houses, pools and lanwns there today and gone tomorrow. Palava harnesses sustainance in living as well as Smart features that sets it apart from all the real estate developments happening across Mumbai city.

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