Palava in Dombivali Celebrating One Lakh Happy Residents


Palava in Dombivali which is the city of beauty, joy, peace, and devotion has now relinquished a milestone of one lakh residents, in just 9 years. Palava, a 4500-acre development located in Kalyan Dombivli, Mumbai is the head greenfield brisk center being acknowledged and advanced by Lodha Group. The company is bountiful in India by negotiations for five sequential years, having timed over INR 8,200 Cr of net sales for FY 16-17. It was not so unexpected, still within just 9 years getting occupants of one lakh is not a cup of tea. The families are savoring Palava by receiving all the world-class facilities. The area is fully grasped with some lovely community like a World-class school, a Jain temple, and retail high street. The World-class school has so many amenities like it has 3 ICSC+ 1 CBSC schools in it. Palava World School is an academy like a future chimera of any novice. All the best dexterity is available from the digital board to the smartboard, Internet connection, Wi-Fi system in classrooms, a world-class library, everything is available there. Palava has been envisioned as the municipality that allows class knowledge and unique adroitness that has every facility of a baby to make them better leaders of the future. 

Lodha Palava City Football Ground - Palava in Dombivali

It is concluded on many parameters including, the scholarly trustworthiness, nature of learning, co-curricular training, sports, foundation and more, the school came out to be one of the qualified. There they contribute the best mentor to the best trainee for all the exercises by which a minor can be an immeasurable frame in all way. The Palava resident is a dream of some family and as you know how far a person can trail for his fantasy. This Palava has air-conditioned habitations with high-end polishes. There are high buildings of area 250 acres with the fully masterly floor which will look like the final stage of the place. India is a developing nation and Palava is one of the models of it. If you see some ages behind then the Palava was nothing but just a Greenland with a sea view and hardly very few people knew about it. But now with the help of development Palava is India’s greatest Greenland and exquisite construction of essence and edifice. There is also a Jain temple where the devotees can go and do their prayers. The area is a jewel of all the properties one at a place. There is a green courtyard with a kid’s playground where they can play with a contiguous secured area. A 2.5km long local street is there in society so there is a huge facility for cars and transport. With infinite possibilities for progress, combined with the melodious citizenry living in practice, Palava in Dombivali is not a place to live in but also a new way to live by. No doubt the tenants of Palava pride themselves upon being denominated ‘Palavians’.