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Carnivals at Palava

Carnivals at Palava – Once a time there was nothing in this world except some Greenland and some shelters which were made of earth and filth. People used to walk by foot and carts were used to transport bulky goods. Earlier the life was not so happening, for lovers they send their love letters via pigeon isn’t it romantic? but at the same time, a little stupid and time-consuming. Now in 21st generations, people are very much in a rush so they don’t have ample time to do anytime by waiting for hours and hours. Previously people met with each other anytime whenever they want as they don’t have any rush at that time but now they met only on occasions. So they want that to make it as special and as memorable as possible. Here it comes “PALAVA” who is ready to make it as memorable as possible. The carnivals at Palava is so beautiful that you just can’t stop yourself to capture that memory in your heart as well as in a camera. The Palava is ready to explore new festivals carnivals to make the residents as much happy and cherish their life and to give pleasure from their daily busy life. One of the best festivals in India is Durga Puja and in Kolkata, people make this very huge success. When Kolkata is busy in celebrating the festival then Palava is also making a plan for celebrating the Uma festival.

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Durga Ma comes to the earth for 5 days with her daughters and sons from Kailash to her father’s home. At that time the country is decorated with lights and candles and Palava is also ready to cherish them with happiness. In Mumbai, the carnival is mostly stuck into 4 places. Those famous areas are singer Abhijit Bhattacharya’s puja, Mukherjee Family’s puja, Powai sarbojanin Durgotsav and Vashi Bangalee samity’s puja. Besides these, another Puja is flourishing in Mumbai, i.e Palava City Durga Puja. The Association of Bengali family of Palava, Srijan Sammilani Welfare Association organises the festival. Apart from Durga Puja, the committee organises Bijoya Sammilani, Laxmi Puja, Kali Puja and Saraswati Puja also. The two years old Puja will be supplanted by mega carnival, a pact of the cultural programme, food stalls, shopping Stalls, special Kids events, fun events and exhibition stalls, which has been tented at Bhawani Chowk, Lodha Heaven Main Road. Anybody from anywhere could participate the carnival, said Chayan Sengupta, division Srijani Sammilani. We also have convened and eaten (Bhog distribution) programmes for three days, which means Saptami, Ashtami and Navami.

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All across the age, Srijan Sammilani prepared a class of events, like Kobi Guru Pronam (25se Boisakh) to Poila Boisakh tradition. Besides this, they glorify other circuses like one of them is Casa Carnival which is a fun-oriented vigil which was composed by Palava by the Palava Citizen management association. It was beside Rio Riverside ramble, it was an eruption of entertain, accomplished sports, gourmet foods, shopping boulevards and many more. The last Carnival saw over 800 inhabitants frolic unitedly from the Casa Bella neighbourhood. “Palava Tarang”, the gala that proclaims executing creativity and tending began in 2015. Last year the exhibition showcased the maestros of music, dance, and theatre. The ceremony took the realm over a duration of four weeks and it investigated the assorted artwork forms from across India.

In Palava there is Art and culture festival which is one of the hugest entertainments of Palava. Numerous characters come here to commemorate this entertainment and fundamentally for the mortals of Palava who will sojourn there. Palava scans for their people very much and in this enormous area, they make some kind of carnivals which make their mind lucid and relaxed. After all, everyone craves for the pleasure in their residence and Palava eternally strive to proffer that to their citizens.

Palava is the fittest for all kind of carnivals and also best for their residence where they can share their playfulness and melancholy.