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Lodha Palava City Infrastructure Projects -Airoli-Dombivali Tunnel Project

Airoli-Dombivali Tunnel Project

Airoli-Dombivali Tunnel Project – Connectivity of roads in the city and infrastructural expansion plays the basis of urban development. There are many space constraints in a city like Mumbai so any infrastructural project benefits lakhs of people who commute on a daily basis to work. Over the years, there has been the development of many new projects like Bandra sea link, Eastern freeway, and metro By MMRDA.

These projects have helped to tackle traffic woes in the central and harbor suburbs of Mumbai region. Any infrastructural project that connects two distant areas is great for connectivity and development of that area. There is one such project of Airoli-Dombivali tunnel, which would benefit the people of Lodha Palava city.

Airoli-Palava city connectivity will get a boost

Connectivity between Airoli and Palava

The connectivity between Airoli and Palava will not only affect the development around Lodha city Palava but it will also cut the travel time to Palava city from Navi Mumbai. Following this, MMRDA has planned an Airoli-Dombivali tunnel road that will be cut through Parsik hill. The tunnel road will mostly benefit people staying in Navi Mumbai.

Currently, it takes about forty minutes to reach Palava from Airoli, Navi Mumbai. But, with the completion of Airoli Dombivali tunnel road, this travel time will be cut to ten minutes flat. This will also benefit people who buy a flat in Lodha Palava.

This tunnel road is going to be the longest tunnel road of Mumbai with a stretch of 1.7 KM. It will be a part of 33.8 KM long road that stretches from Airoli to Katai Naka on Kalyan Shilpahta road. The cost of the project is estimated at 944 crores according to a statement issued by MMRDA commissioner. The travel time will cut to half and that will greatly benefit people of Palava city and people who stay in Airoli.

This tunnel road will be of six lanes so it will benefit many people who travel by private transport. The starting point of the road will be at Airoli where the Mulund-Airoli Bridge ends. The road will pass through the mangroves and then cross over to the Thane Belapur road.

It will then connect the Trans harbor railway line connecting to the tunnel that will be constructed through Parsik hill. This will open direct connectivity to Palava city and it will greatly boost the infrastructure near Palava city by Lodha. The corridor will directly connect the areas.

Investment in Palava

Investment in Lodha Palava City

With so many great infrastructural projects, it is a great time to invest in Lodha Palava city. The development of the area is great and with upcoming projects, there will be a surge in the real estate rates of Palava city. In fact, over the years the property rates in Palava have only increased. With so many ultra modern amenities and great connectivity, Lodha Palava is surely a great place to invest in. The Airoli Dombivali tunnel road will also benefit people of Navi Mumbai to a great extent. So, if you are looking to invest in a sustainable project, then Lodha Palava is the best place for you.