One of the major issues of developing city is pollution, be it air pollution, water pollution or solid waste pollution. Lodha Palava is one of the  new emerging townships in Dombivli which is changing the face of Dombivli. It is expected that Palava will very soon develop as a mega city and a township which would be the most desirable by the people living here along with the various amenities that develop the social life which include schools and sport grounds clubhouse. It also has efficient security systems  to make the life of the people safer. It has also developed the facility of free wifi in the entire township which is something really rarely witnessed. along with this Palava has ecological benefits like efficient water disposal and measures to maintain a healthy environment with the growing population the danger to the human health is increasing. the air that we breathe is also not 100% safe anymore. but Palava has ensured that people don’t suffer such issues by developing proper ventilation facilities in the house. the plantation of trees leading to effective greenery which helps to maintain pollution  free environment. This helps to maintain the health and increases the life cycle of the people.


Smog in cities


Palava has been declared to have the best air quality when compared to other cities like Mumbai-Pune and Delhi which have poor air conditions. Various measures have been taken Lodha to ensure the development of a healthy  township. which such measures Palava has proved to be the best in terms of a healthy environment when compared to other cities.running 2
This kind of environment is really the need of the future considering the degrading environment. the health of the people is at danger and Palava is making sure to take care of it. Palava is not only changing the face of Dombivali but also the way mankind has been living since years.

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