Today India is one of the biggest Real estate hubs with the upcoming new Palava Lakeshore Greens cities that are being built with high pace. According to Forbes, “If only half of the new cities that are currently being built in the world today are actually completed we’re looking at a trillion dollars of investment—minimum.”

Well, that is the number of investments we are looking for in near future with our new cities. Lodha Group is leaving no stone unturned in making these numbers a reality with its several new projects including Palava Lakeshore Greens.

For a city like Mumbai, where finding an apartment which is worth living is a daunting job and Lodha understands the need and tries to fulfill it with its every complete or incomplete project.

With Palava Lakeshore Greens, Lodha aims at providing a modern, spacious housing to an ever-increasing population of Mumbai at extremely affordable prices.


How Lakeshore Greens Is Becoming An Economic Driver?

Like other new cities around the world, Palava Lakeshore Greens certainly exhibit some patterns that define it as a new city. New cities are not suburbs; they are also different from sprawl or mere industrial or transport zones. New cities are their own thing and so is Palava city which is certainly an economic driver in the following ways:


Palava city has been developed from scratch with large-scale master plans:

Over a period of almost a decade, Palava has been built into a massive structure and is meant to be the economic drive that significantly alters the economic and social layouts of the areas it is built in. For Palava, it is the area near Thane which it believes to develop in a positive way while improving the living standards of its citizens.


Lodha Palava offers all urban offerings:

Being a new city doesn’t mean that people living there have to move around for getting basic facilities. In fact, Palava has its own commercial district, administration, public facilities, education hubs, health facilities, and residential areas. In short, it is placing where people “live, work and play,” and thus they are different from a suburb, a commuter town or an industrial of the high-tech zone because it has it all at one place.


Palava city is its own economic drivers:

As we said, Palava city is not a suburb which often depends on the engines of a nearby metropolis for economic sustenance. It is its own economic driver as it is built around a special economic zone, a logistics hub, a financial district, a free trade zone and some other small and large-scale industrial endeavors like grand clubhouse, complexes etc which acts an engine for its economy.


Palava city to maximize the profit potential:

Being a way to provide housing and entertainment for workers/investors, Palava city is working to maximize the profit potential of the development as a whole—i.e. rather than just building an industrial zone, we built an industrial zone and an entirely new city which is open for investments-locally and globally.

New cities like Palava are not just new cities, they act as a trophy for a country in which they are built in. Palava city is an indicator of a new future of India which gives it an entirely new international identity by opening several options for foreign investments in the country. In fact, the residents of Palava city are likewise thought of as being the trendsetters- the cosmopolitans that represent the picture of new India.

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