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100 reasons why you should buy palava city.

100 Reasons to live in Palava City

  1. A city spread across 4000 acres which is one fourth the size of Island city of Mumbai. Palava will be a highly integrated, vibrant, mixed use and live-work community.
  2. Palava will be India’s most livable city and one of top 50 places to live in the world by 2025.
  3. Pedestrian focused design – 3 meter wide footpaths will encourage walking.
  4. Interconnected network of wide walkways connecting all parts of Palava city.
  5. Residential are planned is such a way that all basic life needs are met within 5 to 15 minutes walking distance.
  6. The city will facilitate orderly growth of generation to come and provide maximum connectivity making walking and navigating easier.
  7. International Experts planned the city like Sasaki (Master Planner), Buro Happold (Infrastructure planning and design), IBM (Smart City solutions).
  8. A vibrant ecosystem with 22,000 families already a part which is expected to become 1 lakh in 2025.
  9. A city run by its residents with civic minded individuals.
  10. Palava City is situated in the economic job triangle of Thane, Navi Mumbai and Dombivali.
  11. 20 minutes drive from upcoming International Airport.
  12. 15 minutes drive from corporate hubs in Navi Mumbai like DAKC, Siemens, Reliance, Capgemini, etc.
  13. 2 proposed monorail stations within the city.
  14. Virar Alibaug multi-modal corridor passes thorough Palava City.
  15. 24/7 electricity supply through franchisee agreement with MSEDCL.
  16. Abundant water supply throughout the year.
  17. 5 lac sq ft mall with 6 screen PVR multiplex.
  18. Palava City will create 3.5 lac jobs in IT, ITES, Finance, Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, etc.
  19. A dedicated Business Facilitation office making it easier to do business.
  20. Over 20 schools across curriculum like ICSE, IB, CBSE and State Board.
  21. A university spread across 100 acres of land.
  22. Independent technical colleges affiliated with the university.
  23. 25% of open space is dedicated for green spaces like parks, playing fields and recreation grounds.
  24. Playground and private gardens in each cluster of Palava City.
  25. 60% of Palava City is open space – Highest among world cities.
  26. 100 acre Central Park like the one in New York.
  27. More than 2 lakh trees to be planted in different parts of the city.
  28. 70% of the plants in Palava will be indigenous and grown in nurseries in Palava city.
  29. Olympic sports centre will facilitate sports like swimming, cricket, football, squash, tennis and badminton.
  30. Residents will be trained in sports by world renowned international professional academies.
  31. World class cricket stadium with Brett lee endorsed cricket education program.
  32. 9 Hole Golf course in Casa Bella Gold.
  33. More than 25 world class clubhouses with 2 already functional.
  34. 3 World class Multi-Specialty Hospital within the city to provide best healthcare.
  35. Pharmacies and clinics at regular interval within the city limits.
  36. Shrines of various religions will dot the entire landscape.
  37. Emergency response team consisting of ambulance, fire engines and police.
  38. Video surveillance in public places for increased security.
  39. Highly trained security personnel’s in Palava City will respond within 10 minutes for any emergency situations.
  40. 24/7 monitoring of public areas by the central command for prompt response to emergencies.
  41. At regular intervals there will be panic alarm button by which citizens can alert command centre for any emergency situations.
  42. Electronic access control system in buildings to deter intruders.
  43. Automatic fire alarms will help residents vacate the place and alert command centre.
  44. Eco drive buses – a fleet of hybrid, CNG, Electric buses. These buses will run with a interval of 5 minutes during peak hours and bus stops will be within 5 minutes of every residential building.
  45. Intercity buses will drop residents to nearby areas like Thane, Dombivali and Ghansoli and to nearby stations like Dombivali, Nilje and Diva.
  46. Residents can reach other means of transport like State transport, autos and taxi by reaching the transport hub.
  47. City is managed by Palava City Management Association (PCMA) which will take care of all maintenance activities in the city.
  48. Citizens are encouraged to participate in city governance activities.
  49. Palava Portal will allow citizens to take care of their day-to-day needs like online ticketing, utility bill payments, etc.
  50. Cashless transactions using Palava Smart card.
  51. Palava to have maximum operation of bus transportation, garbage trucks and emergency response vehicle.
  52. Buses will have on-board cameras for safety.
  53. Reserved parking will not be encouraged upon since Palava City will have a dedicated parking management system.
  54. Traffic routes will be automatically predicted by the command centre and residents will be intimated.
  55. Automated meters will allow residents to monitor their electricity usage, tariff and get alerts.
  56. Public lights will use solar electricity. Already, solar panels are used in many places in Palava City.
  57. City encourages segregation of solid waste, assigning separate bins for recyclable and non-recyclable waste.
  58. Wasted processing plant is being developed in Palava City. All organic wasted will be converted into manure for biogas for electricity generation.
  59. A person living in Palava City can save around 10 lakh per annum since all advanced technologies are used.
  60. Low maintenance bill due to investment in technology and sustained infrastructure.
  61. All building has imposing lobby with designer flooring and high speed elevators.
  62. Living and dining areas with imported marble flooring and bedrooms with wooden flooring.
  63. Breathtaking views from your open air deck.
  64. All apartment with air conditioned rooms.
  65. A spacious wardrobe in every bedroom for added convenience.
  66. Bathrooms with the finest imported fittings and sanitary ware.
  67. Separate pooja area in every apartment.
  68. Separate utility area in every apartment.
  69. Separate store area.
  70. Few residents have spacious garden and yard for aspiration lifestyle.
  71. Access to your tower is controlled through swipe cards cctvs etc.
  72. Every resident is fitted with a video door phone.
  73. Fiber optic technology will give each residence access to high speed internet, digital gaming and IPTV.
  74. Ample covered and open parking for your cars.
  75. Beautifully landscaped garden just below your building.
  76. Every cluster will have a gymnasium to keep you in shape.
  77. Lakefront is spread across 50 acres of land which will offer Amphitheatre, Boating, Museum, Musical Fountain, Promenade and Jogging Track.
  78. Full sized swimming pools.
  79. A grand party venue in Clubhouses.
  80. Multipurpose indoor courts with games like badminton, basketball, squash and more.
  81. Indoor games room for games like chess, carom, cards and more.
  82. Library and business centers in the lounge.
  83. Outdoor kids play areas.
  84. Clubhouses with theater that accommodate more than 100 people.
  85. A centre for arts and culture, to encourage cultural pursuits.
  86. Studios to train in drama, dance, painting, sculpting and music.
  87. Waterfronts double the size of Girgaum Chowpatty is being developed.
  88. Restaurant and cafes near riverside promenade.
  89. Waterfronts with fantastic views to spend time with loved ones.
  90. Over 1000 retail and dining areas.
  91. Central Avenue to have fashion shops and dining restaurants.
  92. Palava will have a growth of annual GDP worth 60,000 crores by 2025.
  93. Palava is entrepreneur’s dream come true with increasing demand for goods and services.
  94. Over 3.5 lakh jobs to be available by 2025.
  95. Palava will attract tourists from all over the world.
  96. Affordable operating cost and real estate will help business grow
  97. Entrepreneurs can grow their business since Palava will boost talent growth with fewer wages.
  98. Real estate prices have appreciated by 3 times from 2009, making it one of the most profitable investments in MMR region.
  99. Introducing walk to work culture for the first time in India that will reduce commute time and increase productivity.
  100. Developed by India’s Number one and most respected real estate developer – the Lodha Group.
  1. I already booked the flat in lakeshore Greens, presently I am residing in Airoli & my kids are studying here in 3rd & 8th standard with CBSE pattern. May I know your plan to start CBSE school in Palava city?

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