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Central Park New York

Central Park New York

Lodha Group is developing Palava City in Dombivali in 4000 acres of land. Lodha Group is currently developing Phase Two of this Palava City. Phase Two is spread across 650 acres of land and will have 11 sectors in it. There will be a 100 acre Central Park in Phase Two of Palava City.

Central Park in Palava City is inspired by the Central Park of New York. However, the Central Park in New York in around 843 acres of land mass. Lodha Group got inspired by this and are creating a Central Park on lines of this New York Park which is the biggest in the world as of now. There are various features of the Central Park in New York and we can expect Lodha Group to build something similar to this.

Various features are listed below which can be expected in lodha Central Park in Palava City:

Birding: There will be a section of the Central Park for Bird Watching. Residents of Palava can go for bird watching in the evening times.

Boating: There will be a pond inside the Park for Boating.

Playgrounds: The Park will have various themed park for children’s to play and exhaust their time.

Sports: There will be various sports courts inside the Park including tennis, volley ball, basket ball, etc.

Nana Nani Park: There will be separated park space for elderly people to spend their time and have a walk around the park.

Jogging Track: There will be separate jogging tracks within the park. These tracks will be spread across the Central Park.

Sculptures: Statues of various leaders, buildings and historic events will decorate the Central Park.

Flora: Central Park will be home for more than 2 lakh trees. Lodha Group is planning to plant them by 2016 when the first set of possessions will be given in Lakeshore Greens. The effort is to increase tree density in this area.

Fauna: Various set of animals will be grown in the Central Park. Animals like rabbits, ducks, squirrel, etc will be grown in the Central Park in the near future.

Transportation: There will be dedicated transport system within the park as well as outside the park for residents.

Once completed, this Central Park will the biggest in India. Currently the biggest Park in India is the Central Park in Kharghar,Navi Mumbai. So we Mumbaikar’s can be proud since will be having two of the world’s biggest central park near our vicinity.

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