Lodha Group’s most ambitious development Lodha Palava, this city is designed to be one of the world’s top 50 cities. Spread across 4500 acres and planned to perfection by the best urban designers and architects.Today, over 24,000 families are already a part of Palava and the city is gearing up to welcome thousands more who want to experience the vibrant lifestyle. Palava’s air quality is much better than other places in Mumbai because of the green open spaces of the city.Palavahas many facilities to ease mans life to help him Relax, revive, rejuvenate. For your spiritual needs, a beautiful temple right in your neighbourhood. Lodha World School and Pawar Public School. World-class education that powers your child’s dreams.Shopping. Movies. Restaurants. All just a short walk away.Also, with these services palava has some new features. First being limited ready 1-bed homes available at Rs.42 lacs* all-inclusive this helps ay people to have a roof of their own at a very low cost with all the luxury. Other being homes neighbouring the grand Ganesha temple to make it simple and easier to take out time to find peace. One of the most important features includes Move-in tomorrow Occupancy Certificates already received so the people don’t have to wait for years to a movie in they can just sign the agreement and shit to their new houses. There are houses facing the river which give a beautiful view from the windows and seem very appealing when you are a part of the hectic life. Also A limited number of completely ready-to-move-in homes by the river. Along with 1 bhk, there are 2bhk homes available at attractive prices. Such efforts will make Palava one of the biigest mega cities soon.

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